Law Order SVU – Why Does Carisi Call Olivia Benson Lieu?

Why does Carisi call Olivia Benson ‘Lieu’? There is some speculation about Benson’s real name, but she has not officially changed her title. Olivia was a Lieutenant when she first debuted on the show, and she may have continued to call her that out of habit or respect. However, the name may also be a misnomer because a Lieutenant is one rank above a Sergeant and two ranks above a regular police officer.

In the case of Tommy Pearl’s murder, Olivia Benson testified truthfully. However, she had no idea that her testimony was justified. She had seen the murder before, during and after she woke up, while cooking dinner, and before she went to bed. Odafin Tutuola claimed Tommy Pearl died because of his actions, and Benson knew of that.

However, Benson and Carisi have been at odds since they first met. Benson’s behavior has been at odds with his and Carisi’s relationship, which has been at odds for a few seasons now. Benson has a knack for interrogation and has demonstrated that he can be a good listener in order to get suspects to open up.

As the show progresses, it is possible that Liv and Tucker will compromise. She could leave the SVU to run a home outside the city, leaving Tucker to continue policing and Liv to work as a cop. Or she could even have it all. It all depends on the writers’ intent, and if the two sides are willing to compromise, it will most likely end well for everyone involved.

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