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What Are 5000 GameStop Points Worth?

5,000 GameStop points are equivalent to $5 in GameStop store credit. GameStop rewards can be used for purchases in participating stores or for paying the annual membership fee. Members can redeem their points for exclusive merchandise and digital content, such as games, by entering their GameStop PIN, which is a six-digit code. After creating an account, members can start accumulating points by using the PIN to redeem for purchases.

You can also use these points to upgrade your membership level, and can collect as many as 5000 in one year. The base Player membership is worth 10 points per dollar, while the Pro membership earns double the points per dollar spent. Other ways to earn GameStop points include checking in at stores, trading in old games, and filling out online profiles. You can also earn GameStop points by completing surveys, and by providing your email address.

For those who frequently purchase games, GameStop has a birthday program that gives members an extra 20 percent off a game on their birthday. In addition to birthday deals, GameStop also offers free shipping on orders over $35. If you’re a regular GameStop customer, becoming a Pro member is definitely worth your while. You can even redeem your points on the Roblox website. Using your Pro membership can save you a lot of money as you earn double points on your game purchases. You can also use the GameStop Rewards Points Earning Calculator to determine how many points you earn from every dollar you spend at GameStop.

Besides in-store coupons, GamStop rewards members can also use their points to shop online. This is an opportunity to get free games, digital downloads, and other cool stuff for your Xbox One. You can also make donations to charity by redeeming your points for these prizes. Just make sure to use your GameStop Rewards before expiry dates. Make sure to check out the weekly ad for exclusive promotions.

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