What Kind of Math Is Needed to Be a Real Estate Agent?

There are many different types of math needed to be a successful real estate agent, but the main one relates to the actual business aspects of the job. Agents will use calculators to complete their work, and many of these calculators are based on decimal points. Because the calculators cannot handle fractions, they must enter the percentage with the PART first. The more advanced real estate licenses will require students to learn more complex math to succeed in their career.

Real estate math also involves using formulas. The front foot method prices commercial real estate by the number of feet of road frontage. Road frontage is the space between a building or vacant lot. Other types of math used to price real estate include the linear foot and running foot. Both types of math are important to pass a real estate license exam and handle property. Fortunately, many new agents are able to use math books to help them learn the math required for this profession.

To succeed in real estate, you must have good math skills. Whether you plan to become a salesperson or a property manager, knowing how to divide, multiply, and divide are vital for your career. You’ll need to understand market statistics and understand the percentages and calculations that go into closing a sale. Math skills are important in all aspects of your life, and this is true in every aspect of real estate.

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