Why is the Education System So Bad in the US?

The education system in the US is failing to provide students with the quality of education they deserve. Students who are supposed to be held back in school are being passed onto the next grade, often failing to complete grade-level work. As a result, the students find it easy to pass, and blame the teacher and school for their lack of progress. This vicious cycle continues until the education system cracks and students drop out.

Previously, schooling was left to local municipalities. But in the 1830s, the states stepped in. Massachusetts Governor William Mann established the Board of Education and lobbied for a doubling of state spending. The first state law requiring parents to send their children to public school was passed in Massachusetts. Today, most states fund schooling through taxes. filmefy However, the funding for schooling varies by state.

The federal government also has a role in education. As a result, school funding is not equally distributed between states and districts. States, for example, could direct more funds to poorer schools, and local school districts could use that money to improve their services. thedocweb In addition, the federal government should be responsible for deciding what resources should be allocated to every student. In short, the US needs to improve its education system.

Poor students have lower success rates than their white peers. While the majority of students in high-poverty communities are not successful, the performance gap between the poor and rich has widened over the past few decades. For example, in Connecticut, the state’s NextGen system measures students’ math and English skills, as well as their college readiness. On average, poor students in poor districts score lower than those in wealthy ones, and they have higher rates of chronic absenteeism bestnewshunt .

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